Bike Taxi in Chandigarh

Chandigarh All Excited to Welcome Bike Taxis on Roads

Chandigarh is witnessing rapid urbanization and city expansion due to subsume of surrounding villages and evolving of smaller towns. Unfortunately, the boon of urbanization is concomitant with the bane of congested roads and the poor basic public transport.

The much-needed solution for Chandigarh transportation has finally been given the nod by recently allowing the operation of bike taxis on roads. Soon the roads of the city will experience bikes with yellow number plates written ‘bike taxi’ on it.

This news not only brings relief to the commuters but also brings a wave of happiness to the companies who can now invest in bike taxi services. With this, bike taxi start-ups will get a great boost, thus triggering the economic growth of the City Beautiful.

The UT administration has considered all required norms to ensure the safety and security of the passengers while formulating the policy for the operation of the bike taxi in Chandigarh. It has been strictly ordered that for riding the bike as a taxi, the concerned applicant must be an individual or a company registered under the Companies Act, 2013 or a firm registered under the Partnership Act, 1932.

Besides the mandatory police verification of the rider, the bike taxi driver has to carry a first-aid box and both driver and passenger have to wear ISI mark helmets. Further, the decent standards of comfort and hygiene have to be maintained by the service provider.

Although bike taxis have taken so long to come to the city because of the strict government regulations and the security concerns, especially for women passengers, however, tables turned for them due to the increasing demands of urban commuters to go for transport means that can manoeuvre their way through never-ending jams.

Some of the other factors, which act in the favour of these two-wheeler taxis, are:

Affordable Quick Rides

The bike taxi services offer value-for-money rides, as most commuters in the city belong to the price-sensitive middle-class families, so, commuters who use bike taxis spend remarkably less money than their counterparts who take cabs. Moreover, bike taxis reach the destination faster as they can squeeze through the huge snarl-ups.

Less pollution

The bikes release fewer carbon footprints than cars and buses. With the whole world straining for a sustainable future, people of Chandigarh have become more alert than ever and have started making wiser environment- friendly choices. For this reason, two-wheelers get more inclination for commuting, which does not have adverse effects on the surroundings.

Reduced Traffic Jam

The government of UT is leaving no stones unturned to regulate the vehicles on roads smoothly. This wise decision of introducing two-wheeler taxis can help in reducing the hideous jams that residents of Chandigarh face every day. Once its adoption is accelerated by the commuters, bike taxis can bring down the traffic congestion in the city to a great extent

Employment for Youth

The bike taxi industry is expected to create new jobs in the days to come, providing employment opportunities to the hundreds of youth in the City Beautiful. Whether it’s carrying passengers or parcels, these taxis can prove to be a source of livelihood to many skilled city lads. Beside full-time employees, college students can also take up part-time bike taxi driving to earn some extra cash in their free time.


Considering the use of four-wheeler for a single passenger on board, there surges a demand for bike taxes. It shows great potential and is expected to grow at a swift pace, which indicates that the future is quite bright for this industry in the City Beautiful.


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