Green Park in Chandigarh

Plan a Weekend Getaway to Chandigarh and Relieve Stress

Stress is the new trending word of today’s generation owing to the increasing pressure of hectic jobs, chaotic home life and the bills to be paid to match the rising standards of living. Sometimes unplugging from the daily routine is the very thing needed to break the shackles of stress and what place can be better than the City Beautiful for detoxification.

Chandigarh known for its modern architecture and planning is quite traditional at heart making it the most desirable city in India as well as in the World. It is a perfect blend of old and new cultures, perhaps the City in Transition.

The Happiest City in India is the perfect weekend getaway to loosen up and make the best of stories for Monday. Let’s take a destressing tour of Chandigarh!

Green Nature of Chandigarh- Medicine for Mind

Green is the prime colour of Chandigarh city and that from which its loveliness arises. The wide tree-lined roads and warm smiling faces welcome the visitors with open hearts. The roadside trees, parks, and green belts are the reason behind reputing Chandigarh as the Green City. There are green belts in almost all sectors adding to the scenic beauty of the city. The gardens are always seen with playing happy children, enthusiast walkers, people attending yoga sessions and simply who just want to hang-out.

Leisure Valley Chandigarh, a continuum of several gardens is the best place to come and soak in the good vibes. It attracts people from all walks of life to catch a breath of fresh air and enjoy a stress-free day surrounded by lush greenery. The captivating beauty of this theme park has made it the most loved attraction for tourists. The 8km stretch consists of twelve parks, most famous being Rose Garden, Shanti Kunj, Bougainvillea Garden, terrace Garden, and Hibiscus Garden. This garland of the gardens is popularly known as the lungs of the City as it keeps the pollution away.

Known as the City of Garden, Chandigarh has green pockets in its every nook and corner that are perfect to catch a break from the humdrum routine and unwind with the loved ones. The greenery of the city symbolises growth, harmony, vitality, and renewal which is the perfect destress therapy for the weekend.

Hip and Happening Nightlife- After All Partying is the Best Cure for Stress

Hanging out with friends and family and partying till late at night is the best to forget about your daily problems and just infuse in the clamouring music. The City Beautiful comes to life once the sun goes down and witnesses the best nightlife. The daylight depicts the warm and friendly nature of the city while the moonlight brings out the nocturnal flock ready to party.

The city has myriads of clubbing, dining, exploring and entertaining options for the night owls and the party animals. Many tourists visit Chandigarh on weekends just to party hard and forget about their routine life. The city is bagging its reputation with the best of clubs, lounges bars, bistros and diners that are the heart of the nightlife in Chandigarh.

With an increasing number of beer lovers, the concept of microbreweries has gained popularity in Chandigarh in a short span attracting great tourism. Craft beer is becoming the new coffee of Chandigarh as it is the de facto choice for most of the youngsters. There are a lot of options for spending the perfect night with DJs, Dance floors and live music to bring out the party lover in the people around Sector- 7, 8, 9, 10, 26 and sector 35 along with Elante Mall. Just lay back, close eyes, sip wine and flush up all the worries in the magnetic beat of strings.

Shopping Hub- Retail Therapy Treatment

Shopping is the best remedy to cope up with stress at the end of a long week to boost up the mood and recharge with energy. The union territory is a shopaholic retreat with a variety ranging from street markets to fashionable world-class brands that can satiate the souls with or without any budget.

Chandigarh never gives a chance to leave empty-handed, it always finds something to buy for every kind of shopper. Jewellery shops, antiques, luxury brands, bookstores, home decors, record stores and much more can be found on the streets of this city.

Popularly known as the fashion capital of Punjab, Chandigarh is surfacing as the focal point for shopping for the neighbouring states and has lots to offer to the tourists as well. The shopping spree for all pockets includes Sector 17 Plaza, Sector 22 Shastri Market, Palika Bazar of Sector 19, Patel Market and the Elante Mall which are easy to reach by autos, taxi services, and CTU buses.


To wind up it can be said, just pack the bags for a perfect weekend getaway to the City Beautiful to release all the stress and get energise. After all, it is said for a reason that “Happiness is being in Chandigarh.”

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